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Our Story 

We have set out to start a movement to change the Microsoft world! Our goal is to create a place without the distracting white noise and content overload that you see on generic websites and social media. We wanted to create a place only for Microsoft Gurus so they can share useful knowledge, learn from each other, create new networks and grow their career via a community that is 100% Microsoft focused.
The result... msfeed.io was born.


What is it?

msfeed.io is a hand-curated online community that surfaces the best new Microsoft technology related articles, trends and blogs.


How it works?

Our community of Microsoft tech enthusiast and professionals, called 'Gurus', discover and share insightful Microsoft technology articles, blogs, trends and discussions. Gurus vote on the best shares in each topic and the hottest rise to the top. The more shares, upvotes and Guru discussions, the better the learnings are for everyone!

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Why join the msfeed.io community?


It’s a community built by Microsoft enthusiast, for Microsoft enthusiast 

All the content and discussion you find in the community is posted by Microsoft Gurus. People like YOU who have chosen to focus your career on the Microsoft world, are passionate about sharing your knowledge and helping your peers grow.


It’s relevant information, rated by your peers 

The content posted in the community is rated by YOU and other Microsoft Gurus. This gives you a sense of confidence that the information you’re reading is of high quality, having already been vetted by your peers. 


It saves you time 

We are 100% Microsoft. You don’t have to wade through piles of irrelevant information to find what is relevant to you. You don’t have to use multiple channels and follow multiple blogs, websites and information sources – we’ve put it all in one spot to save you valuable time so you can focus on what you do best – create amazing solutions with Microsoft technologies! 


It connects you to the people that matter to you 

Networking is one of the most powerful career development tools you have. Connecting with like-minded Microsoft enthusiast and professionals can open doors now and into the future. msfeed.io allows you to connect with Microsoft Gurus you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet and interact with. 



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Say goodbye to those math quizzes and motivational quotes!

Our Gurus only ever see and share the best Microsoft Technology content that is relevant to YOU!