Whatever the situation, it boils down to this:

"Does it make the community better?"



Welcome to - a online community for Microsoft Gurus to share and discuss the latest Microsoft news, trends and content.
Our goal is to create a community that welcomes and respects everyone, so we have some simple guidelines for you to follow. These guidelines are for the sole purpose of improve our community for everyone.
But, we'll also flag, restrict and ban members who don't help make the community better. Hey, we're looking at you spammers! ;)


We’re all here to network, share knowledge, learn and grow. We want to create a respectful community where we can achieve these goals together. Here are the guidelines we ask you to follow as a member of the community. 

1. Can I promote or sell on here? 

No. We want to keep our community free of sales pitches. If you believe a product or service you have to offer will add value to our members, write a blog about it and share it - describe how it will add value to their Microsoft life. But if it’s a sales pitch or link to a sales page, we may remove it. 

2. Can I share my own content on here? 

Yes, of course! Anything that is relevant knowledge to our members is welcome, whether you wrote it or are sharing existing content. We encourage people to strengthen their own personal brand through writing blogs and sharing content. 


3. What content will remove? 

We have Community Managers who moderate our site to ensure that all posted content is of value to our members and communicated respectfully. We may remove any content that: 

○  Is not relevant 

○  Is disparaging, disrespectful, offensive, or could constitute bullying or harassment 

○  Contains offensive language 

○  Is a sales pitch 

○  Has been reported by other members as containing content that lowers the value of our site. 


4. What happens to members who act against these guidelines? 

Depending on the situation, our Community Managers may remove posts, suspend or ban members, that breach these guidelines. Please see our FAQ for details of how we deal with banned members. 


5. Do you have any tips on how to be a standout member of 

We sure do! Here are some of our tips for becoming a valued member of our site: 


 Share valuable and relevant Microsoft tech content. 
Our Gurus love content that is relevant, topical and provides insight. When sharing content, or writing your own, think about how the information will add value to your peers. Make sure it's up to date information and not old news.


 Interact with the community as often as possible. 

Make visiting our site a daily habit! Regularly upvote the shares you enjoy, share articles and contribute to discussionsJust as you would value answers to your own queries or the opinion of your peers on content you create, others will value this from you. The more you interact with the site, the more you and your peers will get out of it and the more your profile will grow in the Microsoft community. 


 When contributing to a discussion, read previous comments to make sure you’re not repeating comments.  
Contribute constructively to discussions. Be open in your opinions – we learn a lot from debating a topic, so if you have a different view than other members, don’t shy away from sharing it. It may start a great discussion we can all learn from and hear perspectives we hadn’t thought of before. Make sure you raise objections or different viewpoints respectfully. An opinion is not right or wrong, it's just an opinion. Don't judge others on their opinions. Instead of saying 'you're wrong', say 'I have a slightly different view' or 'I have an alternative theory'. 


○  Respect the original content creator. 
If you’re sharing content, please ensure you credit the original author of the content. This is easy when sharing a post from another site, but if you’re creating your own content, or posting content in a discussion thread, please ensure you provide credit where credit is due if it’s not all your original content. Just as you wouldn't want someone else taking credit for your efforts, offer others the same courtesy.  


6. I have ideas on how to improve our community guidelines and/or website, what do I do? 

This site will evolve based on feedback and contributions from the community. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these guidelines, please either post this in the ‘ Feedback discussion Topic, or email if you'd prefer it to be private feedback.